About us

Two members of the group sitting on a bench and enjoying a cup of tea and a chat in the sunshine.

Our group is growing and brings a wide range of life experiences to our venture. Many of us come from Wolverton and Milton Keynes but others are from further afield. All of us look forward to being in the heart of the community of Wolverton and to playing an active role in the town.

A CGI of the wider Love Wolverton development, showing a block of apartments and the town square.

Building a socially diverse and self-reliant neighbourhood

Still Green is building a neighbourhood of twenty-nine sustainable homes in a cohousing scheme for members aged 50 and upwards. Four will be available to rent, through a Housing Association. Residents, both owner-occupiers and tenants, will have their own separate dwellings and share common facilities. including a common house where we can relax together and share some meals.

Senior Cohousing at Still Green 

We are planning

a secure and supportive environment for the second half of life where we can be active and engaged with others when we want to and have peace and quiet in our own home when we don’t. Cohousing has particular benefits for senior residents: opportunities to be active, companionship with autonomy, a sense of belonging, and cheaper living through sharing costs and mutual support.

a photograph of some of our current members enjoying the sunshine at a recent meeting
A member of Still Green Cohousing looking at a colourful community noticeboard in Wolverton

We believe

cohousing is a great way to live as we grow older. Living in a mutually supportive community provides a solution to the isolation older people can experience. Building trust is a cornerstone of this way of life. You may have stronger friendships with some people than others but you can count on everyone’s support when you need it.

We envisage

friendships developing naturally among us as we share responsibilities, common interests and the things that are important to us. We would like our home to be a place where we can be ourselves and are accepting of each other, and where we look out for each other.

5 of our current members at a recent social which consisted of a pub lunch followed by a walk.

Cohousing for older people

Cohousing for older people is common in Denmark, the Netherlands, the US and Canada. It is incorporated as an option in the national housing policies of Denmark and the Netherlands. You can find out more about cohousing on the UK Cohousing Network’s website. 

 “The journey of planning Still Green is full of fun and learning, but we can’t wait to move into Still Green
and the community of Wolverton.”

Sheila and Mike, Still Green Cohousing members

Our group values

Our Values are our bedrock and guide all that we do.
All members commit to them.

Respect for each other

promoting goodwill and trust, treating each other with consideration as equals, and accepting each other as we are.

Personal responsibility

with everyone contributing albeit in different ways at different times, according to our gifts and experience.

Fostering good relationships

Seeking ways to be considerately truthful, to listen hard and communicate gently.


We want everyone to have a voice and be heard and respected. We are developing a decision-making process which will be transparent and clear, take into account everyone’s view and get things done. We do not want to spend our time in endless meetings


We aim to make a positive contribution socially and culturally to the life of the wider community: our neighbours in the Love Wolverton development, in Wolverton town and Milton Keynes.


We want our way of life to be eco friendly with low energy homes, as much natural light as possible and sharing resources. Some of us will want to grow our own food.

Affordable homes

Our group includes people in different financial circumstances and it is important to us to include a wide range of homes including affordable options, as well as ensuring all homes are low-cost to run and maintain.


We welcome people from all backgrounds and support principles of equality and inclusion.


For an insight in to Still Green’s vision, journey and organisation, please download our Prospectus. 

Join us

  • We welcome all enquiries no matter where you live now, whether you are looking longer-term, or if you are thinking about the needs of a friend or relative. Do get in touch so we can tell you more, and invite you to a social event or an Open Meeting. 

Our next Open Meeting for enquirers will be on Saturday 16th March, 2024  in Milton Keynes.  Get in touch for more details.

Some of our current members

Jacky Still Green Cohousing


Working with this community, getting it ready has been a joy.  I am getting involved and learning about cohousing, building processes and preparing myself for the next chapter as a retiree.  I live in a village just over the border of Milton Keynes, and can’t wait to be in Wolverton with its transport links and facilities.  My dog won’t be disappointed either by the walks available by the canal and river.

Shiela and Mike from Still Green Cohousing

Sheila and Mike

Currently living on a narrowboat, we are enjoying exploring the canal system again before we move in to Still Green. We know Milton Keynes well, having lived around the city for nearly 30 years, and think Wolverton has all the facilities and transport links we will need around us.


I’m looking forward to returning to Milton Keynes with its miles and miles of walking and cycling paths that criss-cross the city. With our own ‘bike and buggy’ store, EV charging points and car share scheme, plus bus stops on our doorstep and trains a 10 minute walk away, we’ll be well set up for greener forms of transport.  Access to the Canal just a few hundred yards away will allow me to combine my love of cycling with enjoyment of the natural world to be found along the towpaths.

Intrigued? Think you would like to find out more?


Think you would like to find out more?

Thinking about housing in the future as well as the present?

We welcome questions and queries. Please do get in touch.

Thinking about housing in the future as well as the present? We welcome questions and queries.

Please do get in touch.