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Families chatting and children playing along Marmalade Lane
TOWN is a profit-with-purpose developer with a mission to build good places for better lives. They deliver homes, streets and neighbourhoods that improve people’s quality of life, enable more sustainable ways of living and improve the wider places they are part of.
Children playing in Marmalade Lane shared garden

Building good places for better lives

TOWN is working as the enabling developer with Still Green Cohousing to bring forward the homes and shared facilities within the Love Wolverton regeneration scheme in Milton Keynes. TOWN is the developer of Marmalade Lane – a multi award-winning 42-home cohousing scheme in Cambridge. They are the UK’s leading developer of cohousing communities, with over 150 homes in progress across six new developments.

TOWN strive to make development a force for good. Through their projects they demonstrate that development has the potential to improve lives, protect nature and enhance places.

Creating benefit for local people

TOWN believe developments should improve the wider places and communities they are part of. They assess how their projects will affect neighbouring communities and seek out ways in which their developments can provide value to local residents, both during the planning stages and through their operation.

CGI showing the wider Wolverton development with a view from Church Street
Image of Marmalade Lane Common House with people chatting and children playing table tennis

Engaging communities and collaborating with future residents

TOWN work closely with current and future residents and stakeholders to develop projects that meet their needs, inspire a sense of belonging and encourage people to put down roots. TOWN ensure that the community are integral partners in shaping their future place, actively seeking input from residents, stakeholders, and local organisations to help capture local insights and foster a sense of ownership of a project within the community.

Places that help meet the needs of people and nature

People and nature are at the heart of every TOWN project. Their projects are based around streets and spaces that prioritise people and nature, enabling and supporting active street life, and offering housing choices and a variety of local amenities, with plenty of open, green space.

Marmalade Lane with establishing bee friendly plants

Low-carbon design and construction approaches that support people to live more sustainably

TOWN create well-designed energy-efficient homes that are built using modern building methods. Their neighbourhoods enable residents to make more sustainable choices that are simple, convenient and accessible.

Find out more about TOWN

To find out more about TOWN and see their other projects visit their website below. 

Working with award-winning designers

The award-winning designers of Marmalade Lane, Mole Architects, are working with TOWN on the design for Still Green Cohousing, alongside Stirling Prize winners, Mikhail Riches, who are the lead architects on the wider Love Wolverton scheme.
Visual of Still Green inner courtyard
Intrigued? Think you would like to find out more?


Think you would like to find out more?

Thinking about housing in the future as well as the present?

We welcome questions and queries. Please do get in touch.

Thinking about housing in the future as well as the present? We welcome questions and queries.

Please do get in touch.